Now Hiring PRN Nurses

What is a PRN Nurse?

PRN is based on a Latin term that means “as the need arises”. A PRN nurse works on an “as needed basis”, filling in for nurses on leave or providing additional nursing help when patient intake increases. Alacare PRN nurses have no set schedule, but rather choose when they want to work.


Advantages of Working PRN

Flexibility and choices are the biggest advantages for nurses who do not want or need a full time work schedule. As an Alacare PRN nurse you can set your own schedule, and pick and choose when you want to work. Flexibility and choices make it easier to build a work-life balance that suits you and your family.


Devote time to what is important to you, outside of your career. Maybe it is children, aging parents, the pursuit of higher education or you are at a point where you want to slow down a bit. As a PRN nurse, you can schedule work around life – not the other way around.



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