The smell of cookies in the oven.
The laughter of kids, giddy over which gift is theirs.
The sound of holiday music coming from an antique music box.
Holiday Memories are Made at Home.
But if you have a terminally ill loved one, the holidays can be challenging.

That is why we created Home for the Holidays – Hospice care so patients and families can be together, at home. It can be in the patient’s home or in a family member’s home.


Care for the Patient. Peace of Mind for the Family.

The Alacare Hospice team will come into the home at pre-arranged, scheduled times for skilled nursing visits. In addition, nurses’ aides are available to provide personal care like bathing and dressing. Medical professionals are also available by phone 24/7.


Alacare Hospice care in the home is fully covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance.


For more information, or to refer a patient:


1.888.alacare (252.2273)

1.866.854.2546 (fax)